EcoPettie Dog Poop Bags

80 Bags: 12.99
Sale price$12.99


  • Paper Box
  • 🌱 【Earth Friendly |100% biodegradable 】 ASTM D6400 Certified by BPI in USA, EN13432 Certified by DinCertco and OK-Compost Certified by VinCott in Europe. Proved to be fully decomposed into CO2 and H2O by microbes within 90-180 days after disposal.
  • 🌽【Zero Plastic |Corn Starch Based 】 Organic Material:Corn Starch + PLA + PBAT. Even the roll core tube is made of paper, totally zero plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum, using less plastic is saving the valuable petroleum resources and reduce environmental pollution.
  • 🏭 【Zero Pollution |Non Toxic In Landfill or Burning】 The pet waste bags mostly end up either go to landfill or fire burning processing. Since it’s totally organic, when it goes to landfill there is nontoxic residues. If go by burning, no harmful air release, you will only smell the plant burning air.
  • ☔ 【Leak proof | Super Thick】Super Thick Bag:20 microns, while normal plastic pet waste bags only 13 -15 microns. The extra thickness guarantees your hands from getting penetrated by the poop nor the odor.
  • 🏆 【Universal Size | Standard Package】 The bags rolls are universal size suitable to match normal size dispensers. 10 pcs/roll,8 rolls/box 80 bags as standard package. Lasting 40 days if use 2 bags a day.
  • Bags Material: PLA + PBAT + Corn Starch Core Tube: Recycled Paper Tube


Sticker easy to peal off


  • The sticker doesn't hurt the bags when tearing off.



  • It's reusable for next bag.



  • The roll diameter is only 1.26 inch wide, can be fit into standard dispensers of the poop bags.


Easy to tear every bag from the roll

In times of emergency need when you dog suddenly poop,you need quick tearing of a bag to pick it up.

EcoPettie Pet Waste Bags can meet your demand in time.Easy tear off for every bag from the roll.


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