2-In-1 Vehicle Windshield Snow Remover

Color: Snow Brush
Sale price$9.32



Item Type: Ice Scraper
Item Width: 9.5cm
Item Height: 9.5cm
Item Length: 43cm
Item Weight: 195g
Material Type: Aluminum Alloy


Product Features:

  1. With low temperature resistant, effectively remove snow, not to hurt the paint.
  2. Snow shovel head: use ABS high-strength plastic molding, is hard and firm; low-temperature-resistant is high performance, can use to shovel snow.
  3. With the design of snow channel, removing snow is more clean.
  4. Inside the handle with high-quality aluminum rod, high strength and good toughness.
  5. Retractable aluminum alloy rod, can freely adjust the length, easy to clean snow, for a variety of models.
  6. Dual purpose shovel, easy to get rid of the problems of winter snow and ice It is necessary for car maintenance.
  7. In addition to remove snow and frost on the car, you can also brush electric cars, bicycles, snow-covered houses, glass doors and windows, and so on.

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